Rabbit Heart – Exo Weapons

So my goal for the “Client Practice for Games Design – The Exo-Suit – A Collaborative Brief” was to look into the Exo’s weapons, what type of weapons he would use how big they would be what they could be used for etc.

I had a look on the Rabbit Heart blog a collected a few images of the Exo-Suit that I thought would be very helpful when it came to me trying to model one of these weapons.


I then stepped online to have a look at some on the mech/exo Suits that have already been created, I wanted  to see what sort of weapons they would use, my results that I ended up with was the suits use either swords or guns.

__Normal___Mech___The_Big_Guns_by_MikeTehFox 13zzqjt futuristic mech weapons digital art 3d 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_62 guns futuristic mech weapons tanks tank 1024x1904 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_74 Harm_Suit_Mk5e images (1) images (2) images Kerensky_Mech___HP_Final_by_Gridlinked Leonne_Mech_by_Malaveldt 600px-SuckerPunchGundamAir character_design__mech_rabbit_robot_by_overdrive_primeart-d5t34b5 DSG25D mech_rabbit___colored_by_lurker8605-d3foyz3 Back Camera rabbit_mech_by_yangtianli-d6n7u4d cat25_gatlinggun guns-01 mechweapons MWweap_01 MWweap_02 weapons_flamer 940x562 katana Sword2full Ultima_Sword_by_MechTek weaponpack1_screenshot02_screen

After this bit of image research I then knew what I wanted to create out of a sword  or a gun, it was a sword, but what type of sword, after digging around online a while I found thousands of different types of swords, but what sword would fit the exo-suit best. In most of the drawing that had been created for Rabbit Heart the suit was holding a Samurai Sword, so this was it I looked into Samurai Swords found a few different types of them drawn a few types I liked then set out to model one.

$_35 05 424px-Katanas_svg DBSW896BK3_model DUAL_MACHETE_001 iGivAbH samurai-swords-masahiro-tiger-katana Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_Leo_Leonardo_Twin_Sword_Set_Double_TMNT_Dual_Deluxe_Backstrap_1

I set myself a little challenge without looking at a sword try to model one within only 10 minutes to see what I could come up with, I found this a fun little task to get my in the mood to model something much bigger and more complex than this ugly model I had just created.

Render Render2 Render3

After playing around in the software it was time to try and model a Samurai Sword for real now, I used a few of my drawings as a template to where I could start to model something so much out of my comfort zone, After studding my drawings and looking at the shape of the sword I started to model a high poly sword, breaking the sword up into as many parts that I could to make the modelling/texturing process much easier.

The reasons for me creating this model in high poly form was so I could then use that model and copy it and go into the model and start to remove a lot of the detail that I think I would have been able to bake down onto the model using normal maps, this was a process I should have used a lot in the past for my models but never got round to using so this was new to me. So with the both low poly and high poly models set next to each other I then started the long process of baking the high detail onto the low poly model, to say I hadn’t really used this process I started to pick it up fast.

I also had an nice idea for on the bottom of the two swords they would each have the Rabbit heart logo on the bottom, one standing out for the sword (key) and the other inserted into the sword (Keyhole) that way the two swords could be clipped and locked together creating one double sided sword. This also would have more use then just a “bigger sword” the key part to the sword could be used to unlock doors the you can only open using the exo, it could be used to power up a exo bike/car, allowing the exo to travel places much faster.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7  1 2 3 4 5 6

The thing is with this model it was taking far too much of my time to projection map and texture the model so it is still sadly a work in progress, I hope to come back to this model and finish the textures for up, but right now I am short for time.

What I would have changed

I should have given more time into the learning the projection mapping process a lot more then I would have had more of an understanding of why I was getting so many errors when trying to bake down.

I should have done more research outside of the internet like looked at a few books that could help me in weapon design etc.

Paragon Assets

In the Paragon Station in 1914 they would have been a great deal of assets laying around, we had to create a lot of really small assets to create as a team to try to make the environment look some what populated, so we all took a few assets to model, unwrap and texture. I had to make a Milk Churn, Cigar and a Cigar Tin.

With the tin and the cigar been really small and not  really seen that often in the level i didn’t spend a great deal of time on texturing them, i found a cigar texture and cigar tin texture online and went with them, on the cigar tin it was one that was used in 1914 but around the time of Christmas its says something to do with Christmas on it too but i forgot to take that off the tin in the level, i needed to really as this is not the time frame we was working with, this would have made the tin from the future.

As for the milk churn i had never seen one of these before so i had to find out what they looked like what they looked like in 1914 and some how model one, i found a few online and all looked about the same, i found some online that people had already model in 3d software but really high poly so i used these images to base mine off and made a low poly model off it.

Here is a few images of my models and the textures i used to make them look the way they do.

101022 068 cigar texture Final-400x400 mary-1914-box Screen Cap Screen Cap2 Milk (1) Milk (2) Screen cap 001 Screen cap 002



3D Printing

For part of our show in September we would like to have a few of our main assets like train or the station hotel printed off in 3D, a few of us took a trip down to my old collage “Park Street” as my ex tutor said its okay for us to use there 3D printer to print a test print of something to get an idea of how things work for the September show. Here are a few images of the 3D Printer in action.

IMG_20140411_132131 IMG_20140411_132135 IMG_20140411_132140 IMG_20140411_132709 IMG_20140411_132718 IMG_20140411_133221 IMG_20140411_133231 IMG_20140411_133234 IMG_20140411_133438 IMG_20140411_133443 IMG_20140411_134158 IMG_20140411_134616 IMG_20140411_134621 IMG_20140411_134628 IMG_20140411_135534 IMG_20140411_135538 IMG_20140411_135549 IMG_20140411_140644 IMG_20140411_140653 IMG_20140411_140655 IMG_20140411_140703 IMG_20140411_141607 IMG_20140411_141612 IMG_20140411_141614 IMG_20140411_142610 IMG_20140411_142616 IMG_20140411_142625 IMG_20140411_142630


The thing we found is that you may think that you can just about  print anything on a 3D printer, in a way that is true but in a way its not as well as you have to make sure anything and everything you print will have something for the next part to sit on to, for example this barrel is a really simple low polly shape so this works but something like a person with his hands on his hips would be really hard to print in one print as in between the gaps in the arms would end up falling and hang down because the plastic has nothing to sit onto.

IMG_20140310_161930 IMG_20140310_161938 IMG_20140310_161945 IMG_20140310_161952 IMG_20140310_162403 IMG_20140310_162415 IMG_20140310_162429 IMG_20140310_163237 IMG_20140310_163244 IMG_20140310_163250 IMG_20140310_163256 IMG_20140310_163300 IMG_20140310_163306 IMG_20140310_163314 IMG_20140310_163319 IMG_20140310_163324 IMG_20140310_163525 IMG_20140310_163531 IMG_20140310_163538



School of Arts “Napa” My Building for Paragon’s Past

When I started this second semester I already had modeled my building “School of Arts, Napa” in the first semester and had to unwrap and texture the building this semester and get it ready for the game engine “UDK”. I wasn’t to happy with the way I had modeled this building, we was told to create our building in a way it would save time for use to do other things and also make it much easier to texture, this is called modular building. I had done this with my building but little did I know at the time if you make the building to modular by breaking it up into to many parts it becomes a problem when you start to texture the building as most of the textures don’t line up and it takes a long time to build the building in UDK. Overall I was unhappy with the way I had modeled the building in the first semester and would have really liked to have remodeled the building again but didn’t have the time to do this so I had to get on with it and just texture it.

I found It really hard to find any images of the building so I had to get out on a few different times to take my own texture photos of the building but still found it really hard to get a photo of the mosaic on the top of the front of the building so to this day I still cant work out what it is, so for the model for now I just put a simple brick texture on that part of the building, as you can really see it anyway as we plan to put the two big trees in front of it just like in real life.
While I was texturing my building I also had a few assets to model and texture as well so at this point I started to find myself wanting to do anything but texture my building so I ending leaving my building to last and didn’t really have enough time to complete the building to a standard that I would be happy with, so the end result is not to great but still stands there looking some what like the building does, if I had given myself more time to texture this building I would have made normal maps and specula maps for it too.

I couldnt seem to get the textures to work properly with this model, it was the first time i have ever worked with multi sub object, the problem i had with my buildings texture is some parts of the building was trying to share the same texture but they didnt need to or i didnt want them too, i couldnt solve this, so in the final fly thought we just tried to fly past it without looking at it too much so you dont notice the wrong textures, as for the September showing i will try to fix my textures as i will have loads of time to try and fix it.

001002 003 004 005 006 007   008 009